Dear Gillian,

I used to be your step dad. The last time I saw you was February of 2003. You've always been very special to me and even though it's been so long since we've seen each other, I still care about you.

Some of the best memories I have of you are when we'd try to find a new park together. We'd drive around without a plan and every time we'd approach an intersection you'd say if we should turn or go straight. Eventually we would find a new park you wanted to check out. Of course we'd have a good time playing there, but getting there was half the fun.

We had fun grocery shopping together, too. I think most people avoid bringing kids along, but we always had a good time. We would usually go when it wasn't busy and you liked it when I'd push you fast in the cart down the long aisles at Safeway. Sometimes I'd give the cart a little push and let go and you would pretend that you were going to crash. Grocery shopping was also a good opportunity for you to work on your shyness. We'd think of questions to ask someone who worked there. At first you would want me to ask, but eventually you became comfortable asking questions directly. I was so proud of you because I knew it wasn't easy for you to do.

I also remember making silly videos with you -- you used to ham it up for the camera. You also liked to take the camera and make your own videos: being a tour guide around the house or telling monster stories.

After your mom and I got divorced, you and I would talk on the phone. You liked to play a game where I would give a definition of a word and you would try to guess what the word was. You would usually get the words so quickly that I had to look for word lists for kids that were three or four grades above you -- and you could still get many of those words, too.

The last time we talked was just after Christmas of 2004. No matter how much time has passed by the time you find this, it would be nice to hear from you. If you would like to get in touch with me I have all my information on my contact page.

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I hope you are doing well.